AI Dungeon Presents: Half-Life 3

Only one thing matters: Will you live forever?

So a new Half-Life installment came out this week, which is a sentence I honestly didn’t think I’d be writing in 2020. It’s got limited appeal as a VR-only project, but I liked the actual game a lot.

Elsewhere in AI Dungeon:

  • The AI Dungeon team is recruiting users to help train the AI. If you’re signed in, the option is under the Contributor Studio tab. For now it’s giving you copies of random stories and asking you to identify simple “quests” (very simple, like, “eat a donut”) in the text and mark when they’re completed.

Elsewhere in AI Dungeon specifically writing Half-Life 3:

  • It’s wild how differently the AI can interpret nearly identical prompts, because I did an earlier take that got extremely meta and started describing videogame mechanics. Plot-wise, it’s about Gordon Freeman going to the Borealis and discovering it’s an airship that can let humanity escape from Earth. Then he accidentally insults somebody by not speaking and has to run away in the air ducts. Also, John Freeman from Half-Life: Full Life Consequences is now canon and Gordon Freeman’s mom dies of cancer.

“Half-Life 3 Redux”

[PROMPT: You are Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist and savior of humanity. You have been woken up after 20 years of stasis by a mysterious figure named the G-Man, who may have engineered the creation of an interdimensional rift that allowed an alien empire known as the Combine to conquer humanity.

You have since defeated the Combine in several key battles, aided by former colleagues and your partner Alyx Vance. Now, the Resistance has discovered a long-lost research vessel that could prove a powerful but volatile weapon against the Combine. You must seek out this ship, called the Borealis, and use its power — or destroy it.

Grabbing your crowbar, you begin.] The next day, you wake up with no memory of what happened during the night. The door is locked, so you open the window and climb down into the snow.

You find yourself on a small island covered in white. There's nothing here except snow and ice.

The wind blows across your face, and you can't help but smile at how beautiful it is. It feels good to be alive again.

Suddenly, you hear a voice from behind you.

You turn around and see a woman dressed in black standing there. She wears a hooded cloak over her head, like the one she was wearing when she first appeared before you.

Her eyes are red and puffy, and they stare right through you.

She says something in a language you don't understand, then disappears back into the darkness. You stand there for a moment, staring at the frozen landscape around you.

Then, you start walking.

You walk along the shoreline, looking at the frozen lake and wondering where you're going to sleep tonight. Suddenly, you stop.

A shadow falls across the water. You look up, and you see a man sitting on top of the iceberg, looking down at you. He looks familiar...

He looks just like you did when you were little! You remember him from stories your mother used to tell.

He was always brave and strong, never showing any fear. And he had these big blue eyes that seemed to see everything...

But now, they seem sad. They're almost as sad as the rest of his face.

"I'm sorry," he says quietly.

What do you say? What should you do? Is this really the time to get sentimental about someone else? Or will you take advantage of this opportunity to make a life changing decision?

The choices are yours. Only one thing matters: Will you live forever?


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