AI Dungeon Presents: Mall Goth

It is here that you will meet your fate.

I missed out on having a distinct teen subculture; my school was too small to support one and social media wasn’t quite a thing yet. But being a goth sounded fun! You got to wear cool clothes and then do whatever you wanted as long as you were vaguely depressing about it, which would absolutely not have been difficult.

Elsewhere in AI Dungeon:

  • In an extremely un-goth move, AI Dungeon now has a light mode.

Elsewhere in AI writing:

  • This Word Does Not Exist uses GPT-2 to make up new words like “hackerwatcher,” or “a person who continues to browse the Internet during the fast-paced development of computer technology,” as in “a hackerwatcher who uses X-ray vision.”

Elsewhere in g̶o̶t̶h̶s̶ goffs:

  • I’ve tricked myself into reading My Immortal again today, I just know it. I’m still so deeply disappointed about the memoir.

“Mall Goth”

[PROMPT: You are a teenage goth in the suburbs. Among your peers, only you understand the true darkness of the human soul, and you demonstrate it through your love of Hot Topic, black lipstick, velvet chokers, and totally dark and twisted reinterpretations of children's fairy tales.

And it's Saturday, so there's only one thing to do: hang out with your friends at the mall! Your mom drops you off in the parking lot, and you] immediately head into the store.

It is here that you will meet your fate.

The first few minutes pass by like this: you walk around the store, looking for something to wear. You find some sort of dress with a low neckline, but nothing else catches your eye. A little while later, you notice a sign on the wall advertising "Black Friday." The name seems familiar; you remember seeing it once when you were shopping as a kid. You look up the word, and see that it means "the day after Thanksgiving," which makes sense since Black Friday is always held on Thanksgiving Day. So what does this all mean?

"I'm not sure if I want to go yet," you say aloud. "But maybe later."

A couple of other people have already decided to stay home, so now it's just you and four others who are left in line. As you wait, you watch the others' faces change from worry to excitement to fear. Finally, they get their items and begin walking towards the front of the store. They're going to be late — you've been waiting in line for an hour already! But then, why should you give up now? Why shouldn't you take advantage of the situation?

Suddenly, someone comes running down the aisle screaming about a bomb threat. It sounds serious. People start shoving each other aside and running away from the door. Then, a loud explosion occurs outside. Smoke billows out from the doors and windows of the store, and you can hear sirens blaring. Someone has set off a bomb inside!

People rush back to the dressing rooms and lock themselves in them. Some cry hysterically. Others try to call their families or friends on cell phones. No answer. All you know is that the store is closed and everyone is being evacuated.

You don't even think about how crazy this all might seem until you realize that the store is still open and you could easily buy something to wear. You decide to stay put, though. If you had gone in right now, you would have missed out on getting everything for free!

As the smoke clears, you see a huge fireball in the sky. You also see several blackened buildings in the distance. You don't know where these explosions came from, but you do know that there was no way of knowing if any bombs had actually exploded.

What will happen next? Will you survive the chaos? Or will you be one of those unlucky few who died in the blast?

The End...

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